Our journey begins with passion, continues with determination and ends with success.
Here is the timeline which tells our story:

  1. 2005: The Encounter

    Baldazzi Zattera & Associates was founded in 2005 by its  partners, Manuel Baldazzi and Gianluca Zattera-two highly respected tax advisors  in Milan, Italy.
    Both partners had ten years of experience in leading international tax and audit firms. This allowed them to connect with important multinational companies, which eventually became part of their clientele.
    From the begininng the firm’s main goals were to serve as high level advisors and offer tailored solutions to the clients specific needs while proritizing  their trust. These goals were achieved by a group of active and dynamic professionals who were able to exchange tecnical skills and experiences in their respective fields of specialization.

  2. 2008: The First Acquisition

    Baldazzi Zattera & Associates started expanding by acquiring  a small accounting and tax firm based in Milan. The acquisition was the beginning of a steady growth providing its  team of professionals with new opportunities and incentives.

  3. 2010: The Growth Continued

    Given the success of the first acquisition, in 2010 Baldazzi Zattera & Associates decided to continue expanding with the purchase of a small tax boutique, mainly focused on management of multinationals’ Italian subsidiaries. The acquisition ended successfully not only by motivating and challenging the team but by enhancing the tax firm image and reputation. This in turn led to increasing the client base.

  4. 2014: The Consolidation

    A solid internal organization was needed to keep up with the fast growth. For this reason, in 2014, we added five high quality associates and invested in their training, development and growth. Each one of these associates were appointed some client responsabilities as well as to explore and engage in new possible business areas. In addition to this, a process of building internal procedures started. The goal was to ensure the constant monitoring of the clients’ tax compliance.

  5. 2016: The "Quality Certification"

    The Firm got an ISO 9001 Quality Certification in relation to its activities. This is an important recognition for a tax firm and certainly not one that is very common among tax advisory companies.

  6. 2016: A New Opportunity

    There was still room for growth and expansion and therefore another acquisition of a Milan based tax firm took place. Furthermore, the diversification of activities enabled Baldazzi Zattera & Associates to form a specialized team of twenty people, including staff, employees and professionals, each with their own skills to assist more than a hundred companies.

  7. 2017: "Italian Chamber in the Caribbean"

    The aim to continue doing better and more led Baldazzi Zattera & Associates to an important accreditation as official reference of the Italian Association for Italo-Caribbean Trade.